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What to watch out for in your resume?

Imagine that you have been applying to many companies but haven’t gotten an interview, you might suspect that there’s something wrong. You may have all the skills and experience required, but there could also be something lacking with your resume. Many employers and hiring managers tend to avoid taking hiring risks. There could be minor […]

The Effect of Body Language in the Digital Video Environment

Remote work, working from home, virtual meetings, and virtual interviews are no longer novelties for the world. It has become the new normal since COVID19 made a huge impact on almost every aspect of the human lifestyle. Although this sudden transformation was seen as a temporary public safety solution during the pandemic, now many organizations […]

Job Description Jargon – What does it actually say?

If you are an active job seeker who sees a job advertisement, what do you do first? If the position you are looking for has been highlighted, you are likely to read the job description – or JD. To put it simply, it is a description of a job. It tells you about job responsibilities, […]