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How to beat virtual meeting fatigue?

How to beat virtual meeting fatigue

The majority of people are engaged in meetings, interviews, events, and conferences nowadays, with even children attending classes virtually. If you’ve participated in these activities during this pandemic, you may have already experienced some “virtual meeting fatigue”. Many people have revealed that they feel tired, overwhelmed, anxious, or drained because of frequent meetings. If you are also experiencing this, here are some tips to overcome it and spend the rest of the day with energy.

Schedule your calls early

By the time the end of the day arrives, everyone is stressed and fatigued from all the work that has to be done for the day. Scheduling meetings as early as possible can help you work effectively. When you get stressed and tired from work, a meeting can add to the fatigue and completely drain you by the end of the day.   

Avoid multitasking

You might think that you can be more effective while multitasking while in a virtual call, but many experts reveal that multitasking during virtual meetings can affect performance. Additionally, it can distract you from important tasks and make you fatigued. You might find that removing distractions can help reduce work-related anxieties. 

Take breaks

Back-to-back meetings and heavy work schedules can make you tired and stressed. Spending the whole day in front of a computer screen just adds to your exhaustion, so taking regular breaks is very important. Give your eyes and mind a break. Try stretching and getting up from your seat to take a short walk occasionally.  

No virtual days

Sometimes daily meetings are not necessary. Canceling or finding an alternative to unnecessary virtual calls can save your energy and allow you to be more productive. Talk with your team, peers, or managers to work through how to reduce these calls and use alternative means of communication to share details.

Turn off self-view

While in virtual meetings, seeing your own video can create some anxiety and make it difficult to focus. Constantly staring at yourself on screen can make you more self-conscious, leading to more distractions. To prevent this, you can turn off self-view. This will allow you to focus on the meeting better. 

Identifying the things that make you exhausted is important. Following the above tips can help you reduce this exhaustion. 
We hope these tips will be useful to have a more productive day. Connect with PMCS services to know the latest career opportunities. We specialize in IT Consulting Services, IT Staffing, and IT Solutions.