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What to watch out for in your resume?

what to watch out for in your resume

Imagine that you have been applying to many companies but haven’t gotten an interview, you might suspect that there’s something wrong. You may have all the skills and experience required, but there could also be something lacking with your resume. Many employers and hiring managers tend to avoid taking hiring risks. There could be minor details that could make them pass on your resume. Here are two common issues and tips to help improve your resume. 

Breaks in employment

The most common issue that job seekers have is breaks between previous jobs. When your resume has employment gaps, hiring managers may wonder what could have happened during that time and raise concerns or questions. If there is a gap between jobs, it is important to be clear in your resume by explaining in detail the reason as to why to avoid budding doubts. There are several ways to explain these breaks, one being using a professional activity such as spending time on a professional course and another showing the details of similar work you have done during this time. You can also add the details of any volunteer work. If the break was due to a layoff, then simply explain why you were laid off. For example, laid off as a result of the impact of COVID19 on business. 


It’s normal for people to change their jobs once every few years. But if someone’s resume shows multiple jobs within a short period of time, then it could raise concerns with the employers. It gives rise to questions such as, “Will this person leave as soon as they get another opportunity?”, “Are they loyal and passionate?”, “Will they have performance issues?”. No matter what qualifications you may have employers may worry about these issues. 

If you have these issues, clearly explain what you did during each job, what you learned, and how you accomplished professional growth. Explain and highlight how the experience you gained from each job has benefited you in different companies, how you learned the best practices, and how it affected your career growth.

These are simple things that you would not usually pay attention to but may become areas for improvement in your resume for a job search.
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