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The Effect of Body Language in the Digital Video Environment

The Effect of Body Language in the Digital Video Environment

Remote work, working from home, virtual meetings, and virtual interviews are no longer novelties for the world. It has become the new normal since COVID19 made a huge impact on almost every aspect of the human lifestyle. Although this sudden transformation was seen as a temporary public safety solution during the pandemic, now many organizations are embracing the digital workspace long term. There are many things that we should consider in this virtual environment. Among many significant cues, this is about the effect of body language. To communicate effectively in a virtual meeting, body language matters. Digital body language matters more than it ever has before.

Let’s share some digital body language basics.

If you are a job seeker or an employee, the first three tips are for you.

Voice only or should I turn on video?

Many people are not comfortable with sharing video, but if you are a job seeker who is going to attend a virtual interview or an employee, video conferencing is one of the best ways to win the employer’s trust. Connecting visually keeps participants engaged. Although the ability to participate via audio-only might be necessary due to poor internet connections, always make it optional and remember video-first is the new norm. More importantly, do not forget to attend it on time.

Maintain appropriate eye contact

Just sharing the video is not enough. To make the other participants feel comfortable, strong, and engaged eye contact is important. It is indeed impossible to make direct eye contact on a video call. But you can attempt to create the illusion by staring at the webcam. Not placing the camera at eye level can reflect an odd posture and figure of you. Therefore, set your stage for the call. Sit up straight. Relax and expand your shoulders without assuming a dominating posture. Remember to smile at the camera. A genuine smile is a positive and powerful cue. Then, speak confidently and clearly.

Show Attentiveness

As you are not sitting in front of a human being, there is a higher chance of distractions drawing your attention away from your virtual meeting, but showing attentiveness is very important. You have to show that you are listening and interested in what other participants are saying. Using simple gestures such as leaning forward, nodding, or tilting your head to acknowledge points are some ways of showing it.

If you are an employer, at first, you may feel managing employees online is a real struggle. 

Here are some tips for you.

Stick to meeting basics

When you send the invitation for a virtual meeting, set clear objectives. You can use an agenda to make it more effective. Set meeting ground rules and outline key elements of the meeting. If it’s a long meeting, set aside time for small breaks. If you are doing an interview, use icebreakers to help the interviewee feel more comfortable.

Keep the mood light

Interviewees or employees are always feeling the pressure during virtual meetings so it’s important to maintain a strong connection with them. Try to be understanding and tolerant of minor issues. Beef up your toolbox of ways to reinforce interpersonal relationships. For example, interviews are always filled with awkward moments. Be nice, friendly, and helpful to make the interviewee less nervous.


It can be hard to find the right balance of communication, but over-communicating is better than under-communicating. Repeating the same message at least once will help your employees understand the tasks you assign. Always try to communicate clearly and comprehensively, so that others will share their ideas and you can spend an effective and collaborative virtual time. Make sure to stay open to and encourage clarifying questions.

These simple tips will help you make a lasting digital impression. Getting used to the digital environment can be hard, but adapting is important as it will continue for the foreseeable future. Pay attention to how you’re presenting yourself online as everything will be counting on your digital behavior.

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